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GSI Selkirk 540 Camp Stove

SKU 78 0804
by GSI
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Large burners designed to rapidly and evenly heat larger pots and pans. Simple, push-button, piezo ignition combines with built-in carrying handle to make it easy to light. The stove without burnt finger-tips, scorched knuckles or slide-away stoves. Individual, micro-control valves provide precise adjustability and output for each burner for everything from slow simmering to full-strength, fast boiling. Removeable pot support and stainless steel burner surround make for easy cleanup.Wraparound windscreens prevent gusts and inclement weather from slowing your cooking to a crawl, but fold out of the way for use with larger pots on calm days. Welded, nickel-chrome-plated, 4 mm/0.15" diameter steel pot supports provide a stable, secure cooking platform for 8” and 10” pots side-by-side. Sturdy, steel construction and powder coated exterior designed for lasting outdoor durability.

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