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Why Choose Women’s Winter Outerwear from Outfitters

Women’s Winter Outerwear from Outfitters

Manitoba is home to many that brave through some of the coldest, windiest winters. Our winter season can reach temperatures of −40 °C. Warm protective outerwear is an important part of surviving the cold winter months. Winnipeg Outfitters is a Canadian company that has many years of experience supplying women’s outerwear for severe weather conditions across Canada. We provide our customers with quality outerwear at fair prices. We have a variety of women’s seasonal jacket options from windbreakers to winter parkas. Our selection of ladies’ outerwear includes coats suitable for all weather types (rain, wind, snow, sleet).

Customer Satisfaction is Important to Us

Continuing to keep you warm and dry by providing quality women’s outerwear is our specialty at Outfitters. Humid or frigid temperatures, and water resistance are in high consideration when it comes to the logistics of manufacturing warm materials for our products. Our goal is to keep our customers happy by supplying leading brand name outerwear. Winnipeg Outfitters carries a selection of trusted brands, from Columbia, FXR, Misty Mountain, Carhartt and more! Our selection of women’s clothing is up to date with high quality, modern, sustainable jackets, and we take care of the shipping costs on all online orders across Canada when you spend $150 or more!

Variety Matters to Us Too

We know that options are important, especially when it comes to women’s outdoor fashion. Not only does your outerwear need to keep you warm and protected, it also needs to look and feel great too. At Outfitters our ladies’ winter wear ranges from jackets made with natural fur (beaver, mink, rabbit, dyed fox, silver fox,etc.) to jackets made with man-made materials. Some winter accessories styles include real fur trim or we have fur parka strips sold separately as a great addition to any winter coat. All made with high attention to detail with a wide selection of styles to choose from.