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What are Men's hats with earflaps called?

Most common fur hats or best Canadian pick.
One of the best solutions to combat the cold is to buy a warm winter hat with ‘ears’ or ear flaps. Such accessories like hats, gauntlets or even mukluks are made from real fur, leather, suede and wool, are in great demand in all regions of the North hemisphere. In Canada natural fur hats help people to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions. Real fur hat that keeps you warm from the wind and snow. And Hey, do not forget its very stylish headwear wherever you are at the top of the mountain, or snowmobile, at the back yard or skiing, find your style.

What are those furry hats called?
“Ushanka” hat, A Russian style fur cap is a winter fur hat, woolen or combined hat, a widespread headdress in North communities and Ex-Soviet countries. There are many styles of winter hats that will definitely make your day warmer and your next adventure memorable. From Ushanka to Aviator, Jockey, Trapper, Bomber, Davy crocket, Coonskin, Rcmp style and Mountain Man Fur Hat.

What are Men's hats with earflaps called?
Russian winter fur hat or Ushanka got its name due to the presence of turn-down earpieces which simply means “ear hat” (headphones, earlaps, "ears"), in a raised form, tied at the top (crown) or at the back of the head with a braid.