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Victorinox Swiss Army Article

Well, Victorinox is a truly global brand. Its history began in 1884, when Karl Elzener opened a workshop for the production of knives in the Swiss town of Ibach. In 1891, Elsener co-founded the Swiss Association of Master Knife Masters, which sought to compete with colleagues from the German Solingen. They were unsuccessful, but Carl managed to get an order from the Swiss army for a batch of soldiers' folding knives. And in 1897, Elsener patented the product that is still known to the world today: the Swiss Army Knife, an officer and sport knife.
Victoria Elzener, Karl's mother and his main assistant all these years. In her honor the company was named Victoria. And in 1921, soon after the invention of stainless steel, the current name appeared: Victorinox, from Victoria and Inoxidable - stainless steel in French. This brand, together with the logo - the Swiss cross on the shield - is now registered in more than 120 countries.