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Sheepskin Article

 Sheepskin is traditionally used to make sheepskin coats, it is used to create mats and other interior items, car seat covers. Wool in the process of use absorbs dust and odors, so without proper care the thing can get an unkempt appearance. To avoid this, consider how to clean sheepskin using improvised means at home. With the help of simple methods, you can easily return the softness and freshness of the pile, the aesthetic appearance of things made of natural fur.
Cleaning sheepskin
If you have a rug or chair cover made of sheep's wool, a simple regular care will ensure the cleanliness of the product. Therefore, try to perform the following procedures periodically: the product should be shaken daily to remove dirt and dust from the pile; two to three times a week should be treated with a vacuum cleaner; for quality cleaning, you should treat not only the pile, and the skin itself; every month you need to wash the product using detergents.
To clean sheepskin at home, you should carry out the following manipulations: prepare gel for washing woolen or delicate things; in a bathtub or a large basin we pour water at room temperature, dissolve the gel and for 30 minutes immerse the product; we conduct careful hand washing, paying attention to heavily soiled areas; carefully rinse the thing in warm water; we spread the rug on a terry towel upside down and dry at room conditions; during drying, the sheepskin should be periodically shaken and slightly stretched, so it is not deformed. During washing and drying you should avoid sudden temperature changes, which may negatively influence the condition of the sheepskin.
And how to clean sheepskin fur with persistent dirt?
There are several effective ways to do this: Severely soiled areas can be treated with a solution prepared from equal parts of water and ammonia. To apply the product, use an ordinary sponge. T Restore the elasticity of the leather base by treating with a solution of water and glycerin. Many people are interested in how to clean white sheepskin. Over time, gray or yellow stains may appear on the white product, which you can get rid of by treating with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. The solution is applied to the nap, without affecting the leather base. After cleaning, the item of fur should be dried at room temperature, away from heaters and open flames, combed well and only then used.
You can wash sheepskin
Effectively fight dirt helps washing in an automatic machine. Most often this method is used when you need to wash a sheepskin overalls or other small thing that can easily fit in the drum. Very often in such a treatment need children's winter clothes - envelopes, outerwear. To do everything correctly, you can use the information on the label of the product. If it is missing for some reason, the automatic washing should follow the following rules: use liquid detergents for wool and delicate materials; do not use conditioners and bleaching agents, which may damage hair and skin structure and lead to "baldness" of the skin; use hand or delicate washing mode; water temperature should not exceed forty degrees; automatic spin mode should be 500-600 rpm; if possible - set the additional rinse mode. After washing the product is dried in a room and well combed out. Observance of all recommendations for the care of furs, will maintain an attractive appearance, prevent pile and hair loss, prolong their life. Sheepskin dry cleaning is used in cases when it is necessary to bring in order a sheepskin coat or other voluminous clothing. Professional processing guarantees high results and preservation of all the properties of the fur product. Therefore, it is best to use a special service to clean an expensive piece of clothing.