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Popular Questions -Camping - What is Camping?

What is Camping? What is the meaning of camping?

In simple words Camping is activity that involves setting up a shelter, in a suitable area, parking your vehicle and enjoy the nature-outdoors. 
Usually its an equipped outdoor parking for travelers. Most of the times they are  located in picturesque natural places at a short distance from transport highways or in quiet urban suburbs. People come here in motor homes or RVs, with residential trailers or tents to spend the night or two, spend time in nature or take a break from the road. More often than not, it is more less expensive  than renting a room in a roadside hotel or city hotel, which is why campgrounds are in constant demand among travelers.

Basic camping gear list. What gear you need for camping?
Camping is always memories, lots of fun moments challenging your inner side. So if you are a beginner camper or simply thinking of start buying camping equipment for the season we have you covered. Here are some tips for camping essentials and basic list of gear you will enjoy while outdoors.

Camping Essentials List:
Sleeping Bag
Water bottle
Pepper spray and whistle
Stove, Grill
Map, Gps, Compass
Wood, Fire Starter
Weather proof clothing

Which tent is best for camping? 
There are many types of tents on the market, today you can buy camping gear online.The best camping tent is the one that corresponds your needs and goals, budget and quality. How big is you party? How much money you willing to spent? What brand to choose? 

Where can I buy a tent online in Canada?
Here at OutfittersCa you will find ultimate camping equipment selection. From tent, chairs, bags, flashlights, tarps, rain suits, shelter, knives and many more to count. Browse our camping and hiking essentials that will make your next adventure memorable. We ship all across Canada, you get Free Ground Shipping when 100 CAD plus spent.  

What are the best tents for family camping?
Buying a family camping tent in Canada does not have to be difficult. There are different variations presented on the online market today. Best for family camping is the one that corresponds your family size and needs. 2 person is couples favorite. For family with kids you might look to 3 and plus and if you prefer spacious camping tent 10 or 12 person tents are best option.

What is the best sleeping bag for camping?
Best sleeping bag is the one that perfectly sized, temperature rated for weather conditions and serves its goal-To keep you warm and give you time to recover after long day of adventures.

Both blanket bags and blanket-headed sleeping bags are suitable for camping. Sleeping bag  is an item of camping equipment designed for rest and sleep.

The design of the sleeping bag provides better insulation from the cold than a normal blanket, as well as additional cushioning. For better insulation and cushioning, it is usually placed on a mat.

Used by hikers, climbers, speleologists and others who live in hiking conditions

What are the 2 types of sleeping bags?

The most common sleeping bags are of two types:
Blanket - such a sleeping bag has a rectangular shape and fastens around the perimeter with a zipper. It is suitable for recreation in uncomplicated hiking conditions and in relatively mild summer or fall-spring weather. It is characterized by high comfort due to its spacious size and the fact that it can be unbuttoned and used as a normal blanket.
Cocoon - has an anatomic, tapered shape in the legs, as well as a warming hood. The zipper usually does not reach all the way to the bottom of the sleeping bag. Such a sleeping bag is better for harsh weathers, as it warms the traveler more effectively in low temperatures, as well as lighter and takes less space compared to a sleeping bag blanket.

Can you camp with just a sleeping bag?
You bet. Some sleeping bags or hammocks will save you a lot of room, best option for backpackers, when you don't have your camping tent with you

What is the warmest sleeping bag?
Choosing warmest backpacking sleeping back online is not that simple. There are many types and brands to pick. Many sleeping bags are temperature rated.

General Camping 
In popular vacation spots many camps are organized spontaneously, but there are also campsites created purposely, to organize people's recreation in places known for their attractiveness. Similar camps are set up during mass sporting or cultural events "in nature", whether it be a kayaking convention, a paragliding competition, or some festivals. It is possible, and even desirable, to use proper camping equipment during accommodation of climbers in alpine camps outside the buildings and cottages. Using camping gear in these conditions will provide more comfortable conditions of existence and, accordingly, better recovery between ascents.
Of course, at any of the above events you can also use regular camping equipment, and many travelers do so. But camping equipment provides a special level of comfort, unattainable when using wacky equipment, which is designed for the conditions of hiking and climbing.

Basic Camping equipment includes: tents; camping furniture (tables, beds, chairs and lounge chairs); inflatable beds, mattresses and mats; sleeping bags; stoves and burners and lamps. 

Camping Tents
Camping tents or backpacking tents  provide a high level of comfort for campers living in them. Some models are essentially a folding fabric house. Such tents are tall and allow you to stand at full height. Compulsory element of camping tents will be a vestibule, and, moreover, spacious enough to cook food in it, and then, having set up a folding table, have dinner with the whole family. Often, these tents have two residential compartments, separated by a vestibule. The fabric of camping tents provides high air permeability while maintaining resistance to moisture. The weight of such tents is great, and can reach up to 25 pounds. 

Where can I buy sleeping bags in Canada?

Camping chairs

Camping meals

Screen Tents, Houses and Shelters for Camping