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Popular Questions - Mukluks, Moccasins

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'Mukluk' was a type of walrus (“bearded seal”) called by North American people. Native people wore this comfortable shoe during winter hunting. It was made of deer (caribou) skin or sealskin leather and decorated with rabbit or raccoon fur.

A distinctive feature of the high "mukluks" - ties, which, criss-crossing, encircling the entire foot.
Trendy urban shoes - mukluk - a relatively new phenomenon. For a long time they remained in the shadow , but after the stylists of Tatler, Vogue, Elle, Grazia and Company magazines, who approved these winter boots, followed the famous faces - Kate Moss, Kate Hudson, Paris and Nicky Hilton. And this means that soon "poppies" will become the most fashionable winter novelty, which shopaholics, trendsetters and everyone who likes comfort are after, because "mukluks" are very comfortable. Mukluk boots (short, medium, and high) are made of suede with a combination of rabbit fur, and the lining is made of high-class fleece.

They are decorated with pom-poms and embroidery. A distinctive feature of the tall models is the ties, which, criss-crossing, encircle the entire leg. Recently, there has appeared a model on a platform - for the hunt in the city beauties heels are not a hindrance. The most extravagant model is shaggy knee-high boots made of Mongolian lamb's sheepskin. For the "green" there is a model of fake fur. The sole of the "mukluks" does not get wet and is made again from a natural material - it is a product of rubber. In the collection "spring-summer" "poppies" are represented in variations from sandals with fringes to lightweight suede half-shoes - very reminiscent of the 70s.

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