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Popular Questions -FUR -Tanned Fur

Fur and Tanned Fur for sale Canada
Here at we sell different types of fur and fur products, from Muskrat, Beaver, Chinchilla to Bobcat (Lynx), Badger, Fox and Coyote. We carry tanned fur pelts that will inspire you for your next project - Gauntlets, Moccasins, Mukluks or Earmuffs or even Fur Hat or Pom Pom. Fur and Tanned Fur made for you here in Canada, buy trusted source. Check our craft section for more tools and ideas.

What is tanned fur? What does tanned mean?
Leather and fur tanning is a complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure. Achieving mastery in leather and fur can only be achieved by work and training. Its a skill that takes time to properly master. Years of experience result in light, soft and supple pelts that look great, feel good and have a long life.
The peeled skin is degreased and dried. Degreasing is the process of removing all subcutaneous fat. It is carried out manually with special tools over the frozen fat layer. Raw skins are straightened, giving them the right shape and symmetry, and then dried under certain conditions - high humidity and temperature, good air exchange.

Tanned hides for sale Canada
Hides, skins, parka hood strips are professionally tanned and are ready to ship all across Canada. Always in stock beaver, mink, lynx, coyote, fox pelts. Now its even more convenient to buy Fur pelts online because  you get Free regular shipping when 150 Cad spent.

How do I clean fur? How to store my Fur Hat?

Real Fur products like Winter Fur Hats or Fur Gauntlets or even Fur Coat that have been properly maintained can last for many years. Only dry gentle clean is recommended. If taking it to a furrier is not an option, you can follow next steps.

These are steps on how to clean fur:
1 Remove the dirt, dust, visible pieces using fluffy cleaning cloth
2 Shake your fur, gently. You better do it outside
3 If its wet let it dry for sometime, never use dryer or other heating devices
4 Use cashmere brush every couple minutes if needed
5 Stains can be treated with mix of water, soap and alcohol
6 Store away from direct sunlight
7 Breathable cloth bags are recommended, No plastic should be used.

Is fur breathable?
Fur hats and Fur accessories made of natural fur breathe and thus allows human skin to breathe.
But artificial fur material is worse at retaining heat and creates a vapor effect.

Why should I choose real fur?

Real Canadian Fur is a natural product and environment-friendly, and can be recycled through compost.

Where are your products made?
Our genuine real fur products are made here in Canada, from natural locally sourced materials. Handcrafted and made by the best fur hat maker in Canada. 

How do I know my size?
For the Fur Hat we recommend using measurement tape, Measure Your Head Circumference Find Your Hat Size with the corresponding size on hat chart, if your size is in between two chart sizes always go up

Are your products authentic?
Yes, they are 100%

What is a sheared & plucked product?

Shearing fur is a very labor-intensive process that requires skills. To get softer and velvet effect Fur pelt is treated. By using special hand-craft technique -"plucked" guard hair is removed. 
Various sheared beaver products have become very popular in recent years.  The demand for this fur suggests that the trend will remain relevant for years to come. The Canadian Heritage Company at offers the finest sheared beaver pelts. The same technique is used since Fur trades time, and can be applied to Mink, Raccoon, Muskrat and other fur .

Which fur type is the warmest?

Fur products are used everywhere today. Hats, Coats, and Gauntlets are most used items especially in winter. Winter Fur Hat is must have accessory for North Countries. The warmest fur is beaver, arctic fox, polar bear

Tanned fur hides