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Popular Questions - Winter Fur Hats

What is the difference between a Trapper hat and a Ushanka hat?

Trapper hat vs Ushanka-aka Russian style winter hat- are they different?
Both Trapper and Ushanka serve the same goal to keep your head warm especially in winter.Trapper hat style is a combination of Aviator hat and Ushanka hat. Here in North America Trapper hat is mostly associated with fur trappers from Canadian and American soil. And this is where the name Trapper comes from. A hat that trappers wear.

Russian winter hat Ushanka ''Shapka'' mostly associated with KGB, Russian Military is stylish, nowadays mainly made of real fur. So Yes, these winter hats have more in common, the main difference would be the history behind them and material used.

 Russian style winter hat- Ushanka traditionally made of real fur sheepskin, rabbit or mink fur. North Americans prefer beaver, muskrat, and coyote fur. The unique shape is round hat with fur top and trim.  Today both Trapper and Ushanka are more casual versions of winter accessories loved by many.

Are Russian hats warm?
What are the winter hats with ear flaps called?
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What is the best fur hats?
Beaver, Mink and Muskrat  fur hats are very popular and most wanted items with our shoppers.

Are trapper hats Canadian?
Trapper hats, also known as Canadian trapper hats, have their origins in Canada.

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Can anyone wear a trapper hat?
Yes, anyone can wear a trapper hat regardless of their nationality or gender. Trapper hats are a versatile and fashionable accessory that can be worn by anyone who desires warmth and style.

Why do people wear trapper hats? P
People wear trapper hats for various reasons. Primarily, trapper hats are worn to provide warmth and protection during cold weather conditions. The hat's design, with ear flaps and a fur lining, helps to keep the head, ears, and neck warm in harsh winter climates. Additionally, trapper hats have become popular as a fashion statement, allowing individuals to express their personal style while staying cozy.