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Lynx fur pelt article

The lynx is the northernmost species of the cat family. It can grow up to 130 cm long and 70 cm high. The coat is thick, the paws are large. In winter, the paws are overgrown with long thick hair, which allows it not to fall into the snow. Color, depending on the region of habitat, from reddish-brown to pale-smoky.
The lynx usually lives in dense coniferous forests.
Lynx skins and fur
The lynx is a very beautiful and graceful animal that has a very beautiful hide. The fur of the lynx cannot be confused with any other hide. It has a pronounced black spots, which are especially noticeable in the summer. In winter the lynx pelt is grayish-red, with a white belly; in summer it becomes almost all reddish-brown with black spots. Lynx skins are used to make coats, collars, sheepskin coats and other fur products.

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