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Irish Setter Brand Article

Company history
The Irish Setter brand belongs to the Red Wing Company, which was founded back in the early 20th century. The founder of the company, Charles Beckman, a shoe merchant, noticed the demand for boots for work in the mine, in logging, on the farm. He opened his own company and named it after his hometown - Red Wing in Minnesota. In 1905, the firm started producing boots with high durability, designed for serious loads. At the same time they were quite comfortable.

In 1950, was released model 854, which was distinguished by its unusual reddish-brown color. The coloring was made with special dyestuff from sequoia trees, and the color was called Oro-Russet. But since it resembled the color of an Irish setter's fur, the model's nickname was Irish Setter. Not surprisingly, two years later, the image of a dog began to be used as a logo.

In 1956 the model 898 for hunters was released, which was the first time when thermal insulation was used. As a result, it was possible to be in these boots for a long time in the cold. In the 1960s Irish Setter boots became popular among workers. In the 80s the company expanded market niche, choosing the phrase "Not just for hunting" as a keyword in the advertising.

In 1997 Irish Setter became a separate brand. The company actively uses new technologies, expands its product line and regularly brings new, more functional models to the market.