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Earmuffs - Article

Winnipeg Outfitters carries a wide selection of 100% genuine fur earmuffs made and manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our fur earmuffs are custom designed with the warmest authentic fur. Genuine fur earmuffs are made to withstand cold temperature exposure and to retain body heat. Our fur selection offers a number of colours and a variety of sustainable fur options. The outer layer of the earmuffs are lined with authentic fur to compliment your personal style and to provide warmth and protection. The earmuffs are lined with heavy weight, breathable Shearling. Shearling acts as a barrier between the epidermis and freezing temperatures. It’s soft and flexible material locks in body heat, keeping your ears warm and comfortable. Genuine fur earmuffs are the perfect winter accessory to keep your hair in tact and your ears warm when heading out into the cold. These earmuffs pair best with a fall or winter coat.

Our selection of fur includes: Coyote, Beaver, Bobcat, Smoke, Amethyst, Raccoon, Badger, Grey Fox, Red Fox, Purple Fox, Pink Fox, Dusty Plum, Cross Fox, Natural Blue Fox.