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Beaver fur and pelt Article

Beaver fur is natural. 7 benefits of beaver fur

Softness: it is difficult to find such fur, which can surpass the softness of beaver fur. Perhaps only chinchilla fur surpasses it in softness. In addition to this quality, beaver fur has excellent elasticity, shine and lightness.

Warmth: The thick undercoat provides such insulation that beaver fur coats can be worn in the harshest climatic conditions without fear of freezing.

Water repellency: since beavers spend most of their lives in water, accordingly their fur has maximum water repellency. If you get in a heavy rain without an umbrella, but you are wearing a fur hat or coat from sheared beaver, you can absolutely not worry about getting wet. But nevertheless you should try to minimize the contact of the product with water.

Volume: this is why sheared beaver is called so, as its fur is sheared. This reduces the volume of the fur, which makes the piece look more elegant, stylish and modern. Designers manage to create different patterns and clear lines on this kind of fur, which cannot be done on other furs.

Comfort: The light weight of beaver fur allows you to wear it with special comfort and convenience.

Price: Though shaved beaver fur is not the cheapest, it is cheaper on the average by 50% than mink fur, but it is not inferior, neither in appearance, nor in quality.

Longevity: Sheared beaver is probably the most durable fur. Its hairs sit so firmly on the skin that it is virtually immune to shedding.