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Fur Hat You Make Memories In

Fur Hat You Make Memories In


So we decided to share valued feedback from our loyal shopper.
" I'm Happy Owner of Mountie Hat That Brings Memories " Alex B.

Fur Hats Canada

About two years ago, my friends and I were hiking through the woods on a typical cold day in the north country. When taking a rest, one of my buddies looked at the top of my hat and commented, “nice hat”. Others piped in as well complimenting me on a fur hat that I had just purchased. Fur hats are common where I live, so it came as a little bit of a surprise that I was getting compliments right from the start.

Since that time, I have created many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life while wearing this wonderful hat. The hat does not have the new look anymore, but it is still holding up quite well and I’m looking forward to creating even more memories with friends and family.

I purchased my fur hat at the Canadian Heritage Company. They sell a wide variety of fur hats along with other items well suited for outdoor activities in the cold winter or in adventure summer. I was looking for a new hat that would provide better protection from the cold compared to my old ski stocking. I went through the catalog  and found this interesting design.

“Why not?” I thought as I went ahead and made the purchase. It arrived quickly afterwards, and it was not long before I had my first opportunity to don my new hat made of quality real muskrat fur.

               My First Adventure in My Fur Hat

Fur Hat Canada Man sitting trail bench winter snow
Although I’ve been on many hikes over the past couple of years, the compliments I received on my fur hat helped ground my memory of that day. We were only out for a few hours at a park not far from where I live. And while I had been on that trail before, I remember the sights and sounds from that experience as if it were yesterday.

As I had hoped, my fur hat did the job of keeping my head and especially my ears warm on that cold, windy day. But what I really remember is the good feelings of being with my friends on that day. The decision to go was spur of the moment, but despite the cold conditions it turned out to be quite beautiful both in the amazing scenery and the comradery of that day. 

                                              Family Gathering

Winter Fur Hat Family gathering skate rink hockey winter Canada

The next major event where I put on my fur hat was for a family gathering in the spring. It was still chilly outside, and my father was determined to cook some barbeque out on the back porch. I saw him standing out there with his old cap that wasn’t doing the job. So, I pulled out my fur hat and plopped it on his head.

He saw his reflection in the glass panel of the back door and got a good laugh out of it. My mother, brother, and his family got a good laugh as well. But I noticed that he made no move to take the hat off. Each time he went outside, he put the hat on. So perhaps it was not surprising that the next time I saw my dad, he showed me his new fur hat from the same company where I got mine.

I’ve been told it’s the little things we remember that makes the connection with my dad so special. I haven’t started my own family yet, but the memory of my dad wearing my fur hat is one I will always treasure.


Winter in Canada Snow Cold

With the summer passing and fall arriving with a vengeance, my fur hat was broken out early. I went over to my brother’s house for a Halloween party and got roped into walking with his kids for trick or treating. The temperatures were dropping, and the wind was brisk, but when does that stop determined children from trick-or-treating?

Although I was not in costume, my fur hat got a few compliments even if that was not the highlight of the evening. But what I do remember is the joy in the faces of my nieces and nephews as they looked into their bag after getting some candy. It brought me back to a time when I was wearing costumes just like them and the happiness I felt for those simpler days.


family playing snow winter hats

It happened last Tuesday as I was heading out to work. I put on my trusty fur hat as I went to my car and suddenly found a young child, perhaps four or five years old on his tricycle. He was looking up at me one eye partially open. I didn’t understand why he was looking at me like that until I remembered I was wearing my fur hat.

“Hello”, I said. He didn’t say anything in response at first. I had seen him before but being new to the neighborhood I hadn’t spoken to him until now. “Hello” he responded. “Do you like my hat?” and that started a conversation.

It didn’t last long, but such a small, curious moment like that would not have happened had it not been for my fur hat.

winter hat dog owner snow Canada

As I look back on the time since I purchased my fur hat, I know that it was one of the better decisions that I have made. Yes, it keeps my head warm and its an attention-getter in this age of using modern materials for head covers. It’s a little worn, but that adds more character. The little marks and signs of wear are to me a marker for each memory created when I’ve worn my fur hat.

The fur hats are crafted from real, locally sourced fur. The variation of fur used is amazing from beaver, fox, raccoon, muskrat, badger to Canadian lynx, coyote and bobcat. The hats are built to last even under difficult weather conditions. In addition to the hat that I purchased, there are several styles available ranging from RCMP-Mountie, Russian, Jockey, Aviator, and more.

The Canadian Heritage Company sells a wide variety of branded items including fur hats, mukluks, mittens, moccasins, camping gear, coats, tops, shoes, handicrafts and more. Brands such as Under Armour, Columbia, FXR, Baffin, Carhartt and more can be found in the catalog and website. If you are looking for fur hats from Canada, the Canadian Heritage Company is your first stop. Look over the catalog today and make your choice from the sumptuous selection that is available.

  For your Winter Fur Hat go to our website at and make it yours!
                  If you have memories to share we would love to hear it.


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