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Learn From A Canadian Customer About Our Genuine Fur Hood Strips

Learn From A Canadian Customer About Our Genuine Fur Hood Strips

Have you ever wondered what our customers think of our genuine Fur Parka Hood strips? We had the opportunity to speak with a Canadian customer about their thoughts on our products, and we wanted to share their feedback with you! Stay warm this winter with our genuine fur parka hood strips - made with love in Canada!

When it’s cold outside, you need to be wearing the right clothing for your climate. That's why Winnipeg Outfitters has such a wide selection of warm winter outerwear and 100% real fur products! You'll find everything from classic mukluks to trendy boots in our store - we have a big selection of styles available so that no matter what kind of style preference you have, there is always an option to keep you warm. As a Canadian company, we take pride in knowing that the weather can be unpredictable during the winter months. No matter where you are in the world, if the temperature reaches below zero it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. 

What is a fur parka strip, you might be wondering? They're a single fur ruff that can be sewn onto the hood of a winter jacket to frame your face and keep it warm in cold weather. Made out 100% real animal fur - we have options and styles for everyone! With so many styles available there is one just right for every personality type. The fur on your hood is not just for show. It’s designed to protect you from the cold and blowing snow, while also insulating as much heat possible inside of that furry covering! The best part about this style? You can choose which colour and type of fur that you want to customize your winter jacket!

Tim, also known as ‘The Epicurean Hunter’ is a Canadian customer from the Northwest Territories who spends much of his time outdoors. He enjoys hunting and fishing while spending his time with friends or spending time exploring nature's campgrounds--often bringing an array of cooking equipment along too! We wanted to know how he found our new genuine Fur Parka Strips all the way over in Manitoba (and what led him there), so we asked for some insight into this curious adventurer's perception.

Customer Quote: "Winnipeg Outfitters shipped to the north at reasonable prices (thank you!) and the fur I received was very high quality."

Learn how easy it is to apply Fur Parka Hood Strips and how Tim can do his favourite activities while wearing his upgraded jacket. Discover how he prefers real fur over faux fur, what he likes about our Fur Parka Strips, and much more!


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do for a living?  
  • I live and work in the Northwest Territories and love spending time outside adventuring and learning about the culture and local traditions both here at home and across the globe. 


  1. What is your ‘why’ behind how you got started doing what you do?


  • My Instagram is intended to be a snapshot of life in the Canadian north for those who haven’t been able to experience it. Hunting, gathering, and connection to nature are so important, and urbanization means many Canadians have lost access to that. I want to show people what they can experience here, from local culture to food, to incredible scenery.


  1. What is the most rewarding part about what you do?


  •  Being able to show visitors from the south all the north has to offer! Nobody visits here and has a bad time.


  1. How did you hear about Winnipeg Outfitters and the fur parka hood strips?
  • At the time I didn’t have any of my own wild-caught fur handy. I’m a big comparison shopper, so I checked prices and quality far and wide. Winnipeg Outfitters shipped to the north at reasonable prices (thank you!) and the fur I received was very high quality.


  1. How have the parka hood strips benefited your winter wear?


  • This coming winter will be my first winter testing this new project out for warmth, but it looks orders of magnitude better than the polyester the parka came with.


  1. Why real fur as opposed to faux fur?


  • Real fur traps the wind and creates a “hotspot” around your face in a way that polyester just can’t. It’s also more environmentally friendly. Real fur is biodegradable, whereas plastic sits in the ecosystem for decades or centuries. Canadian wild fur is harvested ethically and sustainably. Supporting Canadian fur also means supporting Indigenous and rural communities and a traditional way of life connected to the land.

 North West territories

  1. Do you live in a climate where you think others would benefit from having fur parka hood strips?
  • You bet! Fur is common here, and for good reason. There's nothing like it to keep you warm in our climate.


  1. Did you sew the fur parka strip on yourself or have someone customize it for you?
  • I did the sewing myself.

 Fur Parka Strip Lining

  1. If you did this yourself how hard or easy was this for you?
  • Pretty easy, it was my first sewing machine project and turned out well. The pre-attached fabric strip helped a lot.

 Coyote skin Parka Strip

  1. Would you like to share any positive or negative feedback you have about the parka strips?
  • The coyote/wolf strip that I got was bushier than the ones I’ve seen on most high-end commercial parkas!



You can find Tim’s photoblog on Instagram @theepecureanhunter.



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