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Collection: Coyote Fur Article

Coyote Fur

Along with wolf fur, the coyote is also part of our fur collection. The name coyote translates as "barking dog". Coyote pelts are used for sewing clothes, as well as for some interior items.
The coyote, a member of the family of canines, is liked not only by strong men, but also by fragile women. Often fur lovers choose vests made of this wonderful fur. Both men and women gladly wear coyote fur. Most fur is used for trimming cuffs and hoods, trim collars and headgear. Shoes and fur accessories that were made with coyote fur look interesting. Coyote is widespread in Central and North America.
Coyote fur became widely known only in the 21st century. Then it began to be used in large quantities for sewing mittens, hats, as a lining for jackets. Externally, fur resembles wolf fur, but has its own distinctive differences. Its fur has long hair, dense and soft undercoat. The colors of skins are brown and gray shades, less often beige and red. The coyote's tail is quite fluffy, with a black tip. In total, there are about 18 species of coyotes. They differ depending on where the animal lives. Products made of coyote fur are notable for their wearability.
Coyote fur is gaining increasing popularity among fashion designers and brands. Season after season, the world's fashion houses use this fur in their winter collections. The skins are used mainly in their natural color, without treatment. It is valued for its wear resistance and durability, as well as for its colorfulness, which imparts notes of brutality to the outfits.

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