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Catalog Fall / Winter Fur Hats
Women’s Silver Tipped Raccoon Fur Hat
Classic women’s fur hats madeexclusively for us. Soft leather top with fur trim, fully lined.
Viewed: 38
Women’s’ Rex Rabbit Aviator Hat
Ultra soft rex rabbithats. If you have never felt a rex rabbit - you’re in for an ultra soft and warm surprise! Beautiful Hats!
Viewed: 36
Fur Leg Warmers
Great new fur leg warmers with pom pom! Elasticized top and bottom with draw cord pulls.
Viewed: 58
Women’s Crystal Fox Aviator Hat
Absolutely gorgeous new hat! Crystalfox is an elegant silver fox that hasbeen dyed with a special process toresult in a beautiful crystal look. Very,very nice soft black leather finishes the hat.
Viewed: 33
Women’s Silver Fox Fur Hat
Classic women’s fur hats made exclusively for us. Soft leather top with fur trim,fully lined. Silver Fox
Viewed: 28
Women’s Rex Rabbit w/ Amber Fox Hat
One size fits all.Beautiful ultra soft rex rabbit with amber fox accents, and beads in the back. Gorgeous Hat!
Viewed: 24
Badger Leather/Fur Aviator hat
Aviator style hat with leather tops and tie straps. We use the Best Quality of leather and fur to ensure years of rugged good looks and comfort.
Viewed: 39
Women's Rex Rabbit Fur Hats
Available in 4 different colors!
Absolutely Stunning! Made from Rex Rabbit - Ultra Soft and Warm!  One size fits all (elasticized)
Viewed: 44
Women's Rex Rabbit Hat with Tassels
Absolutely Stunning!  Made from Rex Rabbit - Ultra soft and warm!  Amber fox sewn into he hat for highlights and tassels in the back. One size fits all (elasticized)
Viewed: 21
Natural White Cross Mink Shawl with hood
Gorgeous! Elastic drawcords for cinching! Can be worn a variety of ways. Totally unique! 
Viewed: 43
Natural Demi Brown Mink Shawl with Hood
Gorgeous! Elastic drawcords for cinching! Can be worn a variety of ways. Totally unique! 
Viewed: 39
Women's Demi Mink Hat with ear flaps
Soft, Warm, Stylish and Luxurious!  Natural Demi Brown Mink.
Viewed: 25
Womens White Marble Fox Hat
Absolutely Stunning!  Beautiful Fox hat with beaded rhinestone tassels in the back. Elasticized.  
Viewed: 30
Crown Cap Mossy Oak Camo Aviator
Cotton/polyester crown aviator with rabbit trim, quilt lining.
Viewed: 69
Beaver Dyed Black
Features a melton top with fur trim.
Viewed: 28
Children's Taslan Rabbit Fur Hat
Avail. in 7 Colors!
Crown Cap Children's rabbit fur trimmed taslan hat with windproof nylon outer shell.
Viewed: 135
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Mountie Style Beaver Fur Hat$169.99
Coyote Mountain Man Hat$319.99
Taslan Rabbit Fur Aviator hat$50.00
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